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  1. Pouch, 24 Round Shotgun Pouch, 24 Round Shotgun

    Pouch, 24 Round Shotgun

    Dimension/Sizing: This pouch has a maximum capacity of 24 rounds of 12ga shotgun ammunition

    Regular Price: $82.50

    Special Price $60.00

  2. Land 125 - 2 Mag Pouch, Steyr, DPCU, MOLLE with NSN

    2 Magazine Pouch, suitable for Steyr magazines, DPCU, Molle attachment. Pouches were made specifically for Australian Defence Force (ADF) for Land 125 project. Pouches carry NSN and Broad arrow. Suitable for military use. Manufactured in Southport, Queensland
  3. Land 125 3 Grenade Pouch with Molle attachment Land 125 - 3 Grenade Pouch - MOLLE with NSN

    Land 125 - 3 Grenade Pouch - MOLLE with NSN

    Land 125 Grenade Pouch designed for the Australian Defence Force. Pouches have NSN. Molle Attachment

    Regular Price: $48.50

    Special Price $25.00

  4. Viper Scope Pouch Viper Scope Pouch

    Viper Pouch - Old Style

    Viper Scope Pouch with carry handle (Without MOLLE attachment)

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $22.00

  5. Webbing, Operators MKII

    Ideal for Vehicle mounted troops, this "one size fits all" webbing features a unique crossover back for extra comfort and support as well as three (3) centrally located Double Steyr/M16 Magazine Pouches. Two (2) large outer pockets to hold water bottles etc. and a centrally located pocket for maps etc
  6. Australian Army Bush Hat (Giggle Hat) Australian Army Bush Hat (Giggle Hat)

    Narrow Brim Bush Hat (Giggle Hat)

    The Narrow Brimmed Bush Hat or Giggle Hat is a popular alternative to our Booni or Wide Brimmed Hat.

    Regular Price: $24.75

    Special Price $19.00

  7. Thigh Holster DPCU - Left handed Thigh Holster DPCU - Left handed

    Thigh Holster DPCU - Left handed

    This LEFT HANDED thigh holster has been manufactured from the highest quality materials. Manufactured primarily from Aust DP Cordura these holsters come fitted with a thumb brake as well as a 25mm Side Release Buckle to ensure extra security for your weapon.

    Regular Price: $85.00

    Special Price $50.00

  8. Map Case Australian DPCU (Full Size)

    The Australian disruptive pattern Map Case is designed to carry maps, documents and map marking materials.
  9. Saflok Handcuff Pouch

    Dimension/Sizing: Australian Disruptive Pattern (Aust DP 0186) 1000 Denier Nylon or Black 1000 Denier Nylon.
  10. Brassard, Blank - Various Colours

    Brassards are a cloth armband which attaches to the upper arm outside the shirt sleeve so that rank or embellishments can be worn without actually being sewn into the wearers shirt.
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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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